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Trade Show Marketing To Millennials

Trade show marketing has transformed leaps and bounds over the years. However, tailoring event marketing initiatives towards millennials still lags behind the forward-moving event industry. The reason why can be attributed to the assumption that millennials are solely ravenous consumers of digital media, that they forsake all other mediums in favor of glossy screens, instant […]

The 12 Commandments of Incredibly Successful Tradeshows

Are you doing everything you possibly can to make sure your trade shows are as successful as they can be? There is a lot to think about- you might need to take a new look at your trade show rule book.
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HELP! Lightweight Materials

When planning the design of your trade show booth and making sure everything fits your budget, you often don’t realize how much you will have to pay for shipping and drayage. Always remember- the lighter the better! Shipping and drayage costs will take up more of your budget than you like if you do […]

Lighting And Sound Set The Mood For Exhibits

Sometimes, when concentrating on each and every detail of your booth, you forget about the basics. But without the essential components of a good booth, the details won’t matter much. Having the proper lighting and sound at your booth is critical- and makes a huge difference.
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Pick the right staff for you exhibit!

Selecting the right staff to work your trade show booth can be difficult. Take a look at this APPLE acronym, which is a very helpful guide when choosing staffers. Having the right staff is the key to making your event a success.
Attitude. Working a trade show exhibit is not easy to do, so make […]