Pick the right staff for you exhibit!

December 12, 2012

Selecting the right staff to work your trade show booth can be difficult. Take a look at this APPLE acronym, which is a very helpful guide when choosing staffers. Having the right staff is the key to making your event a success.

Attitude. Working a trade show exhibit is not easy to do, so make sure you pick people who can handle the stress and do so with a positive, inviting attitude.

Product knowledge. Make sure your staff knows about the products/services they are selling. Customers come to trade shows with many questions and its important your staff can answer them!

Personality. Personality is everything! It’s key to have a staff that can relate to the customers and make them feel welcome at your trade show display.

Location. Choose staffers that are geographically familiar with the shows area. If your audience is highly regional, you want regional salespeople in the booth who are familiar with local issues.

Experience. The best staffers are those who know what to expect from an event. You want staffers who have seen it all and know what to expect and have a proven track record of success. Just because somebody has lots of experience, does not necessarily that they have experience with success.