Trade Show Advertising

July 22, 2013

Advertising is an important aspect of the promotional mix that can be used to do many things, including:

  • Create awareness or interest
  • Transmit information
  • Encourage understanding
  • Alter perceptions or attitudes
  • Differentiate
  • Direct actions
  • Provide assurance
  • Remind
  • Give reasons for buying
  • Generate inquiries
  • Bring people into your trade show booth

Ultimately, its role is to sell your products or services.

The primary purpose of advertising your trade show exhibit is to persuade attendees to visit your booth. To create this appeal, your message needs to CHARM:

  • C  Convince visitors your product or service is beneficial.
  • H   Help save time and money.
  • A   Appeal to attendees? emotions or needs
  • R   Reward their actions
  • M  Be Memorable