Guidelines For Sponsorships

February 27, 2014

Advertising is an important aspect of the promotional mix that can be used to do many things to help your trade show exhibit, including:

  1. Have a set sponsorship criteria.
  2. Do your research around individual sponsorship opportunities.
  3. Select sponsorships that will achieve multiple marketing objectives to help your trade show booth’s success.
  4. Don’t invest in a sponsorship just because it is cheap.
  5. Select sponsorships that match your target audience.
  6. Use exposure or awareness as a main sponsorship goal.
  7. Beware of sponsoring events that represent the personal interests of senior executives.
  8. Realize that solo sponsorships give you the greatest exposure.
  9. Make sure when you enter a sponsorship agreement that you have a contract stating what you will get for your financial support.
  10. Make sure to leverage your sponsorship as much as possible.
  11. Consider sponsorship as a long-term investment.
  12. Take responsibility if the sponsorship didn’t work for you.
  13. Consult an expert before making a major investment so that you know how to maximize your sponsorship opportunity.