Generating Media Buzz For Your Product Or Service

March 12, 2014

Trade show booths are a great venue to introduce a new product, highlight a particular service, or draw attention to all the bells and whistles you’ve added to a tried and true favorite. With a little effort and careful planning, you can practically ensure that everyone who attended the trade show leaves the event knowing what you want them to know.

But what about the people who didn’t come to the trade show? How can you use your trade show exhibit product launch to reach them?

Simple: Use the media! Before the show, ask management for a comprehensive media list. Select media relevant to your industry, and find out which of those publications are planning a special trade show edition. Send targeted press releases to media outlets. Remember: To be effective, a news release needs to be newsworthy – there must be something for the reporter to write or talk about! Focus on what’s new with your products or highlight a new application or market venture.