Be An Effective Listener

December 16, 2013

One of your main functions at a trade show exhibit is to listen to what your visitors in your trade show booth are saying; but to do this effectively, you must limit your own talking. You need to avoid letting your mind wander and totally tune into the other person. Hold your fire and don’t jump to conclusions but rather ask questions when you need more information or clarification about what they’re telling you. Take notes and get feedback to confirm your understanding of their particular situation. Look and listen for buying signals and notice their nonverbal language, such as shrugs, smiles, frowns, etc. If you want them to give you more information, use interjections such as “Yes, I see.” and “Is that so?” which often helps to invite additional comments. Listen for the main idea they are trying to convey and disregard minor points. Maintain eye contact as much as possible and stay present to them at all times.