Show Services Checklist

December 11, 2013

  1. Read the exhibitor service manual.
  2. Check all deadlines.
  3. Order services early to avoid higher show prices.
  4. Understand the floor plan.
  5. Evaluate your trade show booth layout on the floor plan.
  6. Understand every marking, however small and insignificant – it indicates something.
  7. Know what services you need.
  8. Define what services are needed based on your show objectives.
  9. Know which products you are planning to demonstrate in your exhibit, and what utilities are required (and how much).
  10. Make decisions on carpeting, furniture, color schemes, and cleaning services.
  11. Identify where utilities sources are situated.
  12. Check how they will affect the look of your trade show exhibit – no unsightly wires or pipes.
  13. Check all necessary utilities paperwork included in the service manual.
  14. Order more utilities than needed, especially electricity, so your products can perform at their optimum level.
  15. Discuss with the service contractor whether your location affects the availability of utilities.