A Motivated Booth Staff

September 24, 2013

Creating a positive, fun, and reinforcing environment should be management’s responsibility. Management can create such an environment by using a variety of rewards to recognize the trade show booths accomplishments, such as reaching exhibiting goals, placing new orders, and getting quality qualified leads. Rewards can range from personal thank-you’s to gift certificates for local stores or restaurants. The power of recognition and appreciation creates a more positive, productive, and enjoyable environment while working a show. Managers need to know their individual staff members and what motivates them to do well at the trade show exhibit. Studies show that more people are motivated by personal recognition than by money.

Consider creating a MVBSP (Most Valued Booth Staff Person) award. Ask the team members to select a deserving person from among their peers, based on performance. Rewards that are meaningful and awarded daily encourage a little friendly competition, which never hurts.