Plan Accordingly To Avoid Hidden Costs

November 1, 2012

Setting clear goals and objectives is critical to achieving success for your trade show exhibit. Having them in place lets your team know what’s expected of them, what benchmarks they should strive for, and what rewards and incentives are in place for their success.

However, simply setting goals and objectives is not enough. Your team also needs to know, understand, be invested in them, and believe they are attainable.

Visualization helps make them real, important, and possible.

Introduce the visualization concept — have trade show booth team members write down their individual goals and read them out loud. For example:

“During the show, I’m going to talk to 200 people. Over half of them will be interested in our products and services. I’m going to start 50 new, profitable relationships and close $200,000 in sales after the show.”

Using positive, upbeat language helps generate enthusiasm and build excitement. Listing specific numbers reinforces goals and objectives set and helps take ownership of expectations on the show floor.