Gain Visibility At A Trade Show

August 12, 2013

To be a contender in the global marketplace and establish vanguard positioning, you have to be out there come rain or shine. And a good trade show booth is an essential marketing strategy when it comes to visibility. Exhibiting demonstrates that you’re a serious player in the industry. However tough, it’s important to keep trade shows as one of your major promotional strategies.

Consider reducing trade show exhibit space rather than totally pulling out a show, provided, of course, that it’s the right show for you. Unfortunately, if you stop exhibiting completely, the “buzz” on the show floor says publicly that you must be in financial trouble. This may be completely false, but it’s people’s perceptions that count. They’re the reality they believe. As the adage states, “out of sight, out of mind.” And since memorability is a key factor associated with exhibiting, if you’re not seen, how can you possibly be remembered!